Tucor’s ET-300-W is an affordable weather station that allows your RKD and RKS controllers to use local ET data. Tucor controllers use this ET information to provide precise watering of your soil, based on your own environmental factors. You are able to program the controllers with a range of parameters, using the ET data to its maximum effectiveness, using neither too much nor too little water in your irrigation programs.


Since the ET-300-W monitors local weather conditions, you’re assured that the information closely reflects what’s happening near the controller, not many miles away.


The ET-300-W communicates to the controller wirelessly, up to 1000' line-of-sight, and is powered by solar cells. The connection to the controller is through an Envoy module, which sends wired ET and Rain pulses to the controller. The weather station can share its data with other RKD and RKS controllers either over the Internet* or by using a separate Envoy at each controller. Merely adding a tipping rain bucket to each controller ensures accurate weather data that is specific to each controller. In today’s environmentally-conscious society, proper use of scarce water resources is a must. Tucor will help keep your plants green, costs low, and water available for future generations.


TUCOR® ET 500 SERIES WEATHER STATIONS measure and record wind speed and direction, air temperature and relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, and rain. In addition, the system calculates and exports an evapotranspiration (ET) value. They are designed for applications where a minimal visual impact, high reliability, and a long interval between routine servicing are required.


The ET 500 Series utilize solid state sensors, with no moving parts. Solid state sensors enable a low profile design better suited to high visibility locations where a traditional weather station would be visually objectionable; they have higher reliability and a longer interval between routine service and inspection requirements; they are more robust and less susceptible to damage from wind carried debris; and they are not impaired by heavy snowfall or freezing conditions that produce rime ice.


(NOTE: Heated sensor version, Model 522, must be used in snow or freeze zone applications).


Models 521/522 The ET 521 version of the weather station communicates to a host device (server) through an RS-232 serial data I/O and the Tucor CPM-200 radio modem. The ET 522 incorporates all the features of the ET 521, and includes a thermostatically controlled heater element in the sensor head that keeps the ultrasonic wind sensor elements and the piezometric precipitation sensor surface free of snow and ice to -52° C.


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